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We here at ExoFly believe that bringing revolution is the way to the enlightenment of humanity.

Our technology will help humanity explore this new limitless World. Apart from that, We also plan our horizon to reach beyond just transportation and into the World, saving lives and people by moving into the domain of disaster management.

Our Vision states that we want to make a safe, quiet, ultra-compact, VTOL personal flying device capable of carrying a single Person. We also envision that this may help our society and World make a better place with the onset of this future-proof vehicle in reaching the unreached boundaries of the World. With our World reaching boundaries far beyond Earth into the limitless Space.

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  • What is Exofly?

    Exofly is a team of tech enthusiats envisioning to make a safe,quiet,ultra-compact,VTOL personal flying device capable of flying 20 miles carrying a single person.

  • Exofly was started in 2018 by a small group of enthusiats and has been scaled to a team of 30 members till now.

  • We envision to make a ultra compact and safe VTOL and help hummanity with our technology.We plan to expand our horizon to reach beyond transportationand into the world,saving lives and people by moving into the domain of disaster management.

  • While working on our product for quiet a long time,we developed a basic prototype for the intial stages.As we are working on something difficult to achieve,our progress so far has been mainly on the RnD side,alongwith ongoing modification in our prototype.

  • With our Vision set for 2025, we plan to develop our new prototype along with managing our current progress. We seek to compete in various competitions from the P.O.V. of individual subsystems and as a whole team. So, as each subsystem excels in its skills they see new ideas and upgrades in the development of the whole team. As for our first milestone we have set to complete our design by the next 6 months. Also, we plan to bring sponsorship and funding for not letting our RnD stop. We plan to arrange sessions with professors and industry experts to achieve the full potential of our individual subsystems. Lastly, We Aim To Fly.


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